Intermodal (by rail or sea)

Wauters Global Logistics works with a strong partner and service provider network across Europe providing reliable, responsive intermodal services across land and sea by tank container. This network has recently been strengthened substantially following our integration with Lanfer Logistik.

A highly efficient and proven solution, our intermodal service guarantees reduced cargo handling and excellent security, at a very competitive price. Managing even the most complex supply chain with the minimum of fuss.

Not only is intermodal transport a cost-effective way to ship your goods when compared to road transportation, it also fits the wider green agenda and can be the perfect solution for intercontinental use, particularly if reducing damage and losses is key to your business model.

WGL operates tank containers ranging from 21000 liters up to 35000 liters, with or without baffles and dip tubes, steam heatable. Tailor made equipment for products requiring  specific technical solutions are also part of the fleet.

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